Kislev 11 - Fri, November 27 2020
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About JLI

Our adult educational program is designed and develped to bring you the tradition of classical Jewish learning in a clear, engaging and impactful way. By probing the ideas and issues presented in Torah we offer timley lessons for our modern day living from the most timless of all texts.

Our classes enables students of all backgrounds to gain a true appreciation of cardinal Jewish beliefs and practices and how to make these practices fit with your way of life. 

Every Jew has a right to study the Torah for we all have equal rights to it. Our non judgmental approach in study and acceptance of all allowes the student to take advantage of Torah study not offered anywhere else in the Mid Willamette Valley. 

I therefore encourage to come see for yourself what Torah has to offer you for I know you would be pleasently surprised!

Rabbi Avrohom Y. Perlstein

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Ongoing Shiurim

TNT - Explosive Talmud Study 
Each Sunday we explore another piece of the incredible work of the Talmud. 
Bagles & Lox breakfest served each week
9:00am at the Rabbi's House

Weekly Tordah Class
Every Tuesday we tackle one subject from that weeks Torah portion on diffrent levels and walk away each week with a lesson in hand for our daily living.
7:30pm at the Chabad Jewish Center

Jewish Discussion Circle
The second Wednesday of each month we meet to discuss a timely topic and hear what the Jewish apporach to it is. 
7:30pm at the Ike Box Coffee Shop

Chabad Center of Jewish Life
1370 Crowley Ave. SE Salem • OR 97302 • Call us at 503-383-9569 • Email: